ATECH is created by professionals with a strong background in multiple blockchain-based projects, financial expertise, and global market intelligence.

ATECH is going to bring the benefits of P2P financial ecosystem to our customers. Making the technology conveniently available for everyone. We are inspired by a tremendous market opportunity that only occurs once in several generations. The value is huge, and the potential of crypto-based operations is really amazing for all parties involved – the tech industry, lenders, businesses, and individuals.

For lenders, the platform will help maximize their return from a reliable, blockchain-secured lending tool. Crypto holders will get access to virtually unlimited sources of cash, while keeping their assets for future growth. With our platform, we will enhance the lives of businesses and individuals, and empower them in their move to a brighter digital future!

ATECH is poised to address and challenge the problems of market inefficiencies and fiat restrictions through proper utilization of blockchain. ATECH has a safe and secured platform to trade digital assets and for future funding that is built on the Ethereum Blockchain. It supports growth of start-up companies and other organizations by providing tools and services which bring to fore efficiency by saving tons of time and resources. Investors can also use services to divide their p2p loans, and crowdfunding.

• Blockchain Strategy
• Financial Services
• Tokens and Smart Controls
• Private and Global Transactions

Our business model provides for the highest standard of technological excellence, user experience, and crypto security. Secure platform architecture will protect everyone in every transaction made in the ecosystem.
ATECH is all geared up to shape the crypto-model in its ecosystem--- unveiling, an ICO-focused (Initial coin offering) online reward platform to empower new economic paradigms in cryptocurrency.


Our mission is to deliver a top-class online lending platform. In doing this, we heavily rely on our visionary management, on the seamless processes we create, and on trends and expectations of the market.

ATECH envisions an economy that is truly defined as one in which all parties (investors, traders, lenders, consumers, and borrowers) are empowered to exchange values. Send/receive payment for every transaction. Enable trading of cryptocurrencies once its crypto-trading exchange platform goes live. And since the blockchain technology has the power to verify the value that is contributed independently, the ATECH’s platform shall allow users to be rewarded accordingly for every contribution and trade done in the ecosystem.